Have you ever spent days looking for a document that was stored a long time ago and is now required for an important and urgent reason such as audit investigation or regulatory compliance only to discover it is not where you thought it was? We have witnessed situations where a whole department comes to a grind just because a document cannot be found. Employees leave their work undone and spend days in offsite archives looking for a file from few years ago. 

Another common scenario is when a team is working on a proposal or report and everyone has different versions of the document with no one sure which one is the right one. You could even want to go back to an earlier version of the document, but you have already saved the changes on the system and cannot remember which specific version of the document has what you require.

Do these examples resonate? These type of situations and more are the problems that deploying an Electronic Document Management Solution  like LogicalDoc can solve for your organisation.  

LogicalDOC Document Management System is a document management platform that allows you to optimize your research by searching through documents using parameters, keywords, or content (full-text). The advantage of LogicalDOC is its simplicity in both data entry and document retrieval.

LogicalDOC electronic document management system ensures the information and knowledge generated within your organization can be made universally available to your employees. The system has a web-based user interface that lets you perform operations including file sharing, setting security roles, and finding and auditing enterprise records and registers. By using a document management system, you can easily communicate and collaborate with your team.

Documents are not created or consumed in a vacuum – information is created for a purpose!

Furthermore, the flow of documents through the business cycle can be tracked and managed, from sharing and collaboration, through approval, to reviews and revisions. LogicalDOC ensures that your employees can find, use, share, and secure valuable corporate content. Information assets contribute to the constant flow of business, and collaboration on new or existing documents is central to how users engage with corporate knowledge.

LogicalDOC  is a secure, interactive archive connecting teams to critical information, even across the most decentralized organizations. LogicalDOC can manage all of your organization’s documents and valuable intelligence in a secure archive that spans the entire company. Create, distribute, and improve records within team collaborative workspaces while ensuring proper approval and reviews with positive workflow.

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