As a business grows, it is imperative to promote internal communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing and development across the organisation to foster a sense of inclusion amongst employees.  This builds a corporate culture where every one feels included and motivated to give their best.

If your organisation has multiple locations, you might begin to receive feedback from employees not located in Corporate Headquarters that they are not being carried along with happenings in the organisation. Also, there would always be a need for employees in different locations to collaborate on activities to meet certain business objectives.

These concerns and more are easily addressed by deploying a Corporate Intranet accessible to all employees irrespective of their locations. The intranet will enable you share information easily and place productivity tools at the finger tips of your employees. Links to shared applications, documents, reports and other resources required for your team to deliver results can be easily organised in such a way that emloyees are not wasting valuable time looking for information or working with outdated information.

Our Kentico Intranet solution will help you deploy a Corporate Intranet for your organisation providing the following benefits amongst others:

Information Sharing and Collaboration

Get the right information across to everyone in the organisation in a timely manner. Provide avenues for employees to collaborate and share ideas as they work together on documents, projects and reports saving valuable time and building an energised team.

Secure Access Control

Ensure that only employees authorised to see certain information can do so. You can setup roles with fine-grained access control to determine who can do what on the intranet.

Social Engagement

Get everyone engaged socially and build camaraderie amongst employees with forums and discussion groups. Employees can discuss both work and non-work related topics in the designated areas. Share ideas with periodic blog posts and allow everyone join in on the conversation with comments.

Learn how you can better share information and collaborate in your organisation today with Kentico. Request a demo today.