Are paper based forms approval processes slowing down your business and making your employees less productive? Do you have clear insights into your business processes and a system for identifying bottle necks and optimizing the processes? Ever considered how you can ensure compliance with your clearly defined and documented business processes? Implementing a Business Process Management Solution can help you address these concerns.

What is Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a methodology for improving your workflows or business processes i.e. standardising them, eliminating inefficiencies and positioning them to generate more business value. It is not a one-off activity, but rather a cycle of activities. It includes 

  1. Identifying what objectives needs to be achieved
  2. Defining the tasks or activities required to achieve them
  3. Standardising these activities into a process
  4. Utilising the process within the organisation
  5. Observing how the process is being used
  6. Identifying the bottlenecks and problem areas
  7. Redesigning the process to eliminate the bottlenecks and remove the problems 

This cycle of observation, identification and modification adapting to the changing demands of the organisation and its stakeholders is constantly iterated while ensuring that the best value is delivered by the business process.

ProcessMaker BPM Solution

Our recommended BPM solution is ProcessMaker. ProcessMaker workflow management software allows public and private organizations to automate document intensive, approval-based processes across departments and systems.  Business users and process experts with no programming experience can design and run workflows. It delivers the following benefits:

  • Radically Reduce Paperwork
  • Use Resources More Efficiently
  • Improve Business Outcomes

ProcessMaker software is equipped with drag and drop capability for the workflow design, intuitive user interface as well as strong business rules engine and ability to integrate with other systems easily.  

To learn more about ProcessMaker and how it can help your organisation, request a demo today.