Back to school with ProcessMaker

Back to school with ProcessMaker

The new ProcessMaker 3.0 is a massive overhaul of the designer and my initial thought after setting up an instance on Digital Ocean was "this is back to school". I poked around a few screens and it felt like too much to take in at once. After attending the introduction webinar yesterday, I have a clearer understanding of the changes, how it fits together and relates to my existing body of knowledge from the 2.x versions.

Starting with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

With my initial doubts cleared, I am now ready to dive in and master the new designer. The starting point of course is understanding BPMN notation and its corresponding tools in the ProcessMaker designer. The good thing about the new interface is that business processes can now be modelled in any BPMN compliant software and imported into ProcessMaker. This means non-technical users can design workflows in any BPMN tool of choice and send to IT to flesh out with forms and programming as required.

Then we get responsive

The "dynaforms" are now HTML 5 and responsive with a drag and drop toolbar on the side of the form designer. You can view form properties without having to go to the "fields tab" and edit the form layout without "copying the generated HTML code to Dreamweaver" - at least that's what I do to get nice layouts. The forms and process export formats are also now in JSON (goodbye XML). It even gets better, you can preview the form design for different devices - desktop, tablet and phone without leaving the designer. That's pretty cool.

It even gets better with mobile apps

All this responsiveness brings with it the goodness of mobility, and I am not referring to opening ProcessMaker on your mobile device's browser. The ProcessMaker mobile apps for Android and iOS allows you access your inbox on the go. Its still in its early days but the possibilities are endless. Field workers can capture images, documents and signatures directly into processes on the go, eliminating the need for repeated data entry. There's also the added benefit that back office staff can start working on the data immediately, rather than sitting around waiting for the field workers to return.

And so much more

The learning is only just beginning and these are just the starting points. Exploring the new REST API for integration with other applications is a definite must. It's never fun if all you do is talk to yourself. I intend to document my learning and will share my discoveries as I make them. To all who have ever thought about learning a BPM solution, now's a good time and ProcessMaker is a good choice. Feel free to share your experience too.

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